Castlepoint Lighthouse

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Castle point lighthouse is a lighthouse located in wellington and wairarapa region of  the North Island in New Zealand.The lighthouse started operating in 1913 and it was fully automated in the year 1988.

Castle point lighthouse is near the beach-side town of Castlepoint and it is a gem in the Wairarapa Coast. Castlepoint lighthouse is known for its strategic location as wairarapa’s east coast is a dangerous place for ships due to strong currents which has caused many ship wrecks over the years.

History of Castlepoint Lighthouse:

The lighthouse that we see today at castlepoint was constructed in Wellington by S Luke and company. In 1912, the Castlepoint lighthouse was reported to be cast in iron and was being erected in the yard and it was anticipated to be finished in a month’s time and was to be re-erected at Castlepoint.

The lighthouse is composed of seven rings each 3 metres high and is New Zealand’s North island’s tallest lighthouse and stands at 52 metres above the sea level.

View of the lighthouse from Castlepoint town

Castlepoint lighthouse was officially lit on 12 January 1913 sending out a triple flash every 45 seconds which could seen as far as 35 kilometres.

In the early 1980s, New Zealand decided to automate all the lighthouses in the country.However, lighthouse at castlepoint was fully automated in the year 1988 and it is now controlled by a computer in Wellington.

Courtesy: Castlepoint lighthouse official website

Looking towards Castlepoint town

Castlepoint and the lighthouse:

Castlepoint town is a great place to stay if you are planning to visit Castlepoint lighthouse and the town caters to the tourists with holiday homes where you can relax in the holiday atmosphere with a beach a walking distance away and a beautiful lighthouse in the country – a few minutes walk away as well.

What do we like about Castlepoint lighthouse?

What not to like about the lighthouse at Castlepoint? It is beautiful, easily accessible and it is located in the wairarapa coast which in turn gives you breathtaking views of the wairarapa’s coast.

When you visit castlepoint lighthouse – you not only have access to amazing man-made building but also to the wonderful nature surrounding it.

You can walk to the lighthouse and fall in love with its appearance and walk around the coast soaking into the natural beauty of the wairarapa’s coast and take some Instagram worthy pictures.

If you still have time then just head to the castlepoint beach to enjoy some beach goodness – that’s what we love about this lovely place whenever we visit.

Looking towards Castlepoint town

  How to get there?

Castlepoint lighthouse is well connected by road and it is 165 kilometres from the capital city – Wellington and it takes about 2.5 hours to reach the castlepoint town from the capital.

Take State Highway 2 ( SH 2 ) towards Masterton and follow signs for Masterton Castlepoint road to reach Castlepoint Lighthouse.

Alternatively, the next nearest big town is Masterton which is an hour’s drive from Castlepoint town.

Castlepoint lighthouse is one of the must visit places if you are Wellington and Wairarapa region.

We are cent percent sure that you will fall in love with Castlepoint lighthouse.


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