Castlepoint Lighthouse


Capture castle Courtesy: Google Maps

Castle point lighthouse is a lighthouse located in wellington and wairarapa region of  the North Island in New Zealand.The lighthouse started operating in 1913 and it was fully automated in the year 1988.

Castle point lighthouse is near the beach-side town of Castlepoint and it is a gem in the Wairarapa Coast. Castlepoint lighthouse is known for its strategic location as wairarapa’s east coast is a dangerous place for ships due to strong currents which has caused many ship wrecks over the years.

History of Castlepoint Lighthouse:

The lighthouse that we see today at castlepoint was constructed in Wellington by S Luke and company. In 1912, the Castlepoint lighthouse was reported to be cast in iron and was being erected in the yard and it was anticipated to be finished in a month’s time and was to be re-erected at Castlepoint.

The lighthouse is composed of seven…

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