Goat Island Marine Reserve – Snorkeling and Scuba diving destination.


About the place:

Goat Island Marine reserve is New Zealand’s first marine reserve and was officially opened in the year 1977.It covers 18 hectares of coastal sea between Cape Rodney and Okakari Point. As a marine reserve – Goat island reserve is home to beautiful marine life such as snapper,triplefin,Red crab and much more.The reserve is well known for Snorkeling and Scuba diving as the water is crystal clear and the best for the activity.

View of Goat Island 
How to get here?

Goat Island marine reserve is located north of Auckland city and is 1 hour and 20 minutes drive.The drive is scenic and beautiful.

Take Northern motorway (SH1N) towards Whangarei and follow signs for sandspit rd, Matakana rd,Leigh rd, Seatoun rd, Pakiri rd and Goat Island rd to arrive at the reserve.

Cool facts:

  • New Zealand’s first marine reserve.
  • Amazing and beautiful marine life.
Fall in love with this beautiful place


  • Enjoy your walk through Goat Island walkway and witness some breathtaking landscape and coast. ( 2 hours return)
  • Snorkeling and Scuba diving – best place for snorkeling and scuba diving is Goat island reserve.
  • Glass bottom boat –  see and get up-close with the marine life of the reserve with a beautiful boat ride.
  • Enjoy beautiful rocks on the beach – the coastal rocks are very beautiful and a walk will make you fall in love with those magnificent rock formations.
Beautiful view

What do we like about this place?

  • We love marine life and being New Zealand’s first marine reserve, it is the place to get up and close with beautiful sea creatures.
  • The rock formations on the Goat island beach is a spectacular on its own and we love a walk down those beautiful rocks.
  • The Hibiscus coast offers some breathtaking views of the Hauraki gulf harbour and Goat island reserve is a jewel in the crown of the coast.
  • A great place to snorkel and scuba diving – get underwater to experience the magic of mother nature.
  • Picnic or a beach-day – A great spot for a picnic or to get some sun for a wonderful beach-day.

Goat Island is a gem and please support and protect the marine life and enjoy this beautiful reserve which is designed to perfection by mother nature here in Aotearoa ( Land of long white clouds).


Beautiful coastal rocks

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