Blue Springs and Te Waihou Walkway

About Blue Springs (Te Puna):

The Blue Spring is formed through a combination of various natural features over many hundreds of years. The spring starts out at the Mamaku Plateau; it takes up to 50 – 100 years for the water to filter through underground aquifers. No doubt the water from these springs supplies New Zealand’s bottle water plants due to its purity. The water is crystal clear and displays a vista of blue and green hues.

Coral-like plants that grow sideways with the current add to the beauty of the springs. The water shimmers and shines in the sun and never fails to amaze visitors. It is one of NZ’s must visit attractions.


About Te Waihou Walkway:

The walkway meanders alongside the Waihou river and consists of easy walking tracks, gravel paths, boardwalks, steps and stiles. It spans over a distance of 4.7 kilometers, it takes approx. 3 hours for a return walk from Whites Road. There is an alternate short walk from Leslie Road and takes 30 min for a return walk.

There are a ton of photo ops as the walkway passes through wetlands, native bush and farmlands. The walk is filled with scenic beauty and awe-inspiring views of the crystal clear turquoise water of the springs.


How to get there?

It takes approx. 2.5 hours to get there by car from Auckland via state highway 1 and 1b. The walkway is accessible from the car park at Whites road or the car park at Leslie road. The drive from Auckland is picturesque, along the way you get to view the Waikato River, Rolling Meadows, farmlands and charming small towns.

20180317_130850Cool Facts:

  • The water is so clear you can spot rainbow trout swimming around and even view the river bed.
  • Water flows at a rate of 42 cubic meters per minute. To put this into perspective it would take just over 12 minutes to fill a six lane, 25 meter swimming pool in.
  •  The water temperature of the springs is a constant 11°C.

20180317_123546What did we like about the Place?

  • The crystal clear blue green water.
  • Easy to get to by car.
  • There is a walkway that traverses through beautiful terrain.
  • The flora and fauna that inhabit the springs.

We would surely recommend a visit to these gorgeous springs.

Please share with us your experience of  visiting a natural spring.


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