Mangawhai Beach

About the place:

Early Maori named Mangawhai for its “stream of the stingray” and stingray can frequently be seen in the estuary and harbour. Mangawhai beach is a perfect combination of sun, sand, bush and sea.  It’s nestled between the Pacific coast and rolling farmland. The beach has some spectacular white sand dunes, beautiful walkways, amazing rock formations like the famous crocodiles rocks and waves that are constantly crashing.


Mangawhai Cliff Walkways provides a fantastic opportunity for nature lovers to take in the rugged beauty of the coast and provides panoramic views of the shoreline.


This place has something to offer for visitors of all ages and interests.


Mangawhai is located at the south west border of the Kaipara Harbour. It falls under Kaipara District of Northland Region, New Zealand around the Mangawhai Harbour. Its approx.  99.5 km north of Auckland and 59.5km south of Whangarei.


How to get there?

The scenic drive takes approx 1 hr 30 min from Auckland. The easiest way to get here from Auckland is via State highway 1, follow the well sign-posted road off state highway one to get to the beach.



  • The place serves as a haven for water based activities like fishing, diving, water-skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, surfing and swimming.
  • For those who love walking and hiking Mangawhai Cliff Walkway is a must do, its been described as one of the best coastal walks in New Zealand. 20170626_133731.jpg

Cool facts:

  • The stingrays after which Mangawhai takes its name can still be found in the clear waters of the harbour.
  • Mangawhai heads  provides an opportunity to see passing whales and schools of sharks.

Our take about the place:

  • Easy to get to, the roads are signposted and the drive is scenic.
  • There is an ample amount of parking at the beach.
  • The rock formation offer a fun pass time activity with numerous rock pools brimming with sea life and rock oil.
  • The clifftop walkway is surrounded bush and has jaw dropping views of the beach and sea.
  • On a sunny day the colour of the water is alluring and the constant crashing of the waves adds to its beauty.

We would surely recommend a visit to this place. Mangawhai’s white sand beach with its dunes and rock formations, glistening waters and pristine walkways through farmland makes it a must visit place for a nature lover.

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