Mother – The super human

It is another year, another Mother’s Day and as we all go about buying gifts and treating our moms, we thought what better way to show our appreciation to our wonderful mothers than through our blog. We are blessed to have mother’s who love, care, guide,advise, pamper and do so much more for us than we can ever do for them. We both are extremely close to our mother’s and enjoy the attention we get from them. Our lives wouldn’t have been so blessed if we did not have such amazing mother’s.

It is astonishing how with a birth of a child a mother is born and with no prior training she becomes responsible for another little human. She learns so much so fast and makes it seem so easy. A mother is nothing but a superhuman with special powers. If you are wondering how, let us explain:

  • A mother is able to smile in pain.
  • Continues to go about her daily chores even though she may be sick, upset or depressed.
  • Cooks delicious meals for us even though she is exhausted after a long day of work. (No restaurant in the world can compete with a mothers cooking).
  • A mothers pray seems to be a cure for everything and miraculously it works.
  • Is extremely good in multitasking.
  • Manages work and family and does her best at both.
  • Manages family expenses and ensures we are clothed and fed.
  • Extremely good organiser, ensures every family gathering/outing goes to plan and everyone has a good time.
  • No doctor or medicine can cure us like a mother’s touch and warmth.
  • Etc, etc….

This list can go on and on, but by now you would have got the point.

As we grew up and our families went through good times and bad, our mother’s helped us get through them all and ensured we got to grow up in a secure and loved environment. Our mother’s continue to guide and encourage us, which has helped us grow and achieve our goals. What ever we have managed to achieve, our mother’s have contributed to it in one way or another. No matter how lost or troubled we are, as long as we have our mother’s with us we know everything will be alright and we can get through it. Our childhood, youth, adulthood is filled with beautiful memories and experiences we have shared with our mother’s.

Even though this blog was meant to be about our mother’s, we can definitely say that all the mother’s we know may it be our friends, colleagues, aunts and relatives are exceptional women. They always put the happiness and well being of the family before their own. Our lives wouldn’t have been so privileged if you were not part of it. We cannot imagine our lives without our mothers, for all those people who’s mother’s have passed away our heart goes out to you, do know they are with you in your memories and thoughts.

We would like to end this blog by saying a “BIG THANK YOU” to our mother’s for all they have done and will continue to do for us without expecting anything in return. Our love and admiration for you’ll cannot be limited to a few words but do know that you mean the world to us. We are grateful to be blessed with such amazing mothers.

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